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Promath is the #1 Destination for Paving and Mining solutions

Trusted by over 1,000 satisfied home and business owners, Promath became the best provider of asphalt paving and mining spares in South Africa.


Driveway Paving

Get your driveway tar paved and get a smooth black top finish that is long lasting, affordable and easy to maintain.

Slurry Seal

We can do a slurry seal process to rejuvenate an existing asphalt tar surface. Get your parking lot, driveway or private road look as good as new with a slurry seal process that will save you thousands.

Road repairs

Crack sealing, pothole repairs do help prevent further damage to a tarred surface. Instead of a complete re-surface of your driveway we can help improve your existing surface by repairing all the faults.

Brick Paving

Invest in a modern driveway that is brick paved using various types of durable brick pavers, we have the expertise.

Road markings

Your parking lots will stand out if the markings are new and well striped. Inquire with us for a technical brief and quotation.

Speed Humps

Speed humps improve safety and will protect life. Contact us for a quotation.


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Asphalt Driveway Paving

An asphalt pavement is designed to last long and is usually black but can also be blue, red or green. If professionally installed and properly maintained it can last up to 30 years before needing to be replaced.

When an asphalt driveway is well cared for it will improve the look of the entire property and can add to a property’s value. Compared to many other driveway paving options, asphalt is considered to be very affordable and offers a high return on your investment as it can last for decades

Considering a new Brick Paver Driveway?

Call them interlocking pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers or simply pavers, the driveways are extremely durable and require an experienced paver installation contractor due to the installation process being highly labor intensive.

If the existing interlocking paver driveway shows signs of unstable sub-grade, the soil should be excavated and new base or structural material installed and then the new interlocking paver driveway installed for a solid, long lasting interlocking paver driveway

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What Client’s Say

We have come a long way as Promath tar roads brick paving is what we do well...

1,000+ customers in all the 9 provinces have used Promath.

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